Wolfgang Puck is Wolfgang YUCK! – ORD Airport

I wasn’t spending my own money this time so I decided to give this place a try as the dishes are quite pricey.  Michelle is currently doing all her wedding planning and she was looking that the Museum of Contemporary Arts as a venue at one point in time but was deterred from her decision because the only catering choice is Wolfgang Puck.

Let’s just say that the MCA is doing themselves a disservice by choosing Wolfgang Puck as the caterer because if Wolfgang Puck can’t even make a good pasta dish at the airport, then their wedding food must suck.

Pasta Dish

Harsh, I know.  Thanks, Michelle, for not choosing Wolfgang Puck – it would have ruined your reputation for knowing good food.


This pasta dish – over cooked penne, mediocre alfredo sauce (where’s the garlic?) Totally not worth $19

If you liked the dishes, feel free to share your reviews here.

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