Thanks for visiting The Chicago Food Whores!  I’m Katie Kijowski, a “seasoned” news journalist (pun intended), culinary journalist and Editor of Chicago Food Whores!  Chicago has a fascinating and ever-growing culinary scene to explore.  Myself along with the CFW guest writers LOVE to share our experiences and photos with you so we can celebrate Chicago’s food culture together!  We promise to stimulate your salivary glands with beautiful food porn pictures accompanying our restaurant reviews, culinary festival and event coverage, and epicurean news features!

Enjoying a coconut at the SOBE Food & Wine Fest. The tattoo is fake, I promise.

About me:

When I’m not discovering Chicago’s culinary scene or formulating clean-eating recipes in my South Loop kitchen, I’m interviewing Chicago’s game changers as an award-winning and Emmy nominated TV Host & Producer at WCIU. (Check out the talk show, Now.Chicago!) In my 15-year journalism history, including gigs at FOX, NPR, WGN/Tribune and City of Chicago TV, I have produced many, many television features on Chicago’s most celebrated restaurants and chefs.  Chefs quickly became one of my favorite “types” of people to interview, and I learned to value each chef’s unique approach and dedication to their craft.  With reporting expertise and creative writing skills under my belt, you can absolutely trust that my CFW reviews will be accurate AND entertaining.  I have always appreciated food, having to go on a diet at the age of 2.  It’s quite appropriate I didn’t hesitate to embrace this food blog, started by two of my best foodie friends in 2008.  Which brings me to our history:

Vivian and Michelle goofing off at SOBE Food & Wine Fest 2015

History of Chicago Food Whores:

Chicago Food Whores began with two foodies, Vivian and Michelle, who met in international school in Hong Kong, then went their separate ways for almost a decade. They reunited in the summer of 2005 and Vivian realized that documenting their food experiences and sharing them would be a lot of fun! The result was The Chicago Food Whores.

In October 2014, Vivian relocated to Austin, TX and quickly started Austin Food Whores. (She never skips a beat, this girl is awesome!)  Check her out at AustinFoodWhores.com and follow her on Facebook at ATXFW and Instagram @austinfoodwhores!  Michelle relocated to Shanghai in 2015, and is in the exciting process of starting Shanghai Food Whores!  Follow her on Instagram @michellecfw for some outrageous Shanghai food porn!  In January 2015, Michelle and Vivian brought on Katie, a longtime friend and journalist, to join the Food Whores Network team.

OG Chicago Food Whores – Vivian & Michelle, acting corny back in the day.

About the Food Whores Network:

Michelle, Vivian & Katie – Your favorite Food Whores, goofing around at Chicago Gourmet. We won’t say how long ago this was.

Once a Food Whore, always a Food Whore! No matter where we live, we love food SOOO much we can’t help but spread the wealth!  Our job is to celebrate Chicago, Austin – and SOON Shanghai’s food culture together!  The 3 cities in the Food Whore network are fantastic meccas for food with so many restaurants to explore, so many food and wine festivals to attend, and a multitude of epicurean news to cover.

We are the Chicago Food Whores, Austin Food Whores, and Shanghai Food Whores – offering passionate tales of food. Enthusiasm for anything epicurean has always been a part of our lives, having combined travel experience covering over 45 countries around the globe. Join us on our culinary journey!

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Please don’t hesitate to email us with your food or restaurant questions! We have not been able to document every single restaurant we have visited but we can certainly offer our opinions on a place you are curious about.



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