Gift Giving Guide for the Health Conscious Gourmand

Health Conscious Gourmand?!

Yes, they exist.  I know because I am one, and I’m here to tell you that I like food gifts for Christmas.  However, only gifts that won’t make me fat, sick, or feel like I want to sleep for days under the Christmas tree.   I’m sure the health conscious gourmand in your life feels the same way.  So, here are some ideas for giving the perfect gift to your favorite HCG.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Co. Dessert Cups

The cup fits in your hand. Perfect for your waistline.

Dessert is best in small doses.  I don’t know anyone who was glad they ate an entire pie.  UK-born founder Tracy Wilkinson-Claros brought British hot puddings to the U.S. in the form of these small frozen cups.  These sweet treats are made in small batches in IL and made with fresh, all natural ingredients.  Nothing artificial, no preservatives.  In less than 2 minutes, you can literally unwrap, microwave, and enjoy.

Sticky toffee pudding after 60 seconds in microwave.

No need for any self control here.  Your health conscious food gourmand will love these incredible delights, available in sticky toffee pudding, molten chocolate fudge cake, tart lemon pudding, and sticky ginger pudding.  Sample pack of flavors also available.  Top with ice cream, whipped cream, or absolutely nothing:

Home baking in a cup, no fuss, no mess, no clean up!

Check out the “Sticky bars” and seasonal items, including Christmas Plum Pudding and Brandy Butter.

Quince & Apple Cocktail Syrups & Jams

For your health conscious creative gourmand, look no further than handcrafted fruit based syrups from Quince & Apple.  The small kitchen team in Madison, WI slices and dices fresh produce and creates not-too-sweet vegan syrups and jams without corn syrup or gluten.

Quince & Apple: Fruit in a bottle to enhance your food or cocktails!

The artisan syrups are available by the bottle ($13.50 — $47.50) or as a gift set ($40). Fan favorites include Rhubarb Hops, Tart Cherry Grenadine, and Lime & Cucumber.

Creative blends like Pear with Honey & Ginger will add dimension to just about anything.

Also available-fresh preserves in flavors like Pear with Honey & Ginger and Orange Marmalade with Lemon ($9 a jar or $36 for a set of 4).  You can have both the syrups and preserves shipped straight to your door, and you can enjoy them on cheese, pastries, yogurt, and in cocktails.  The sky’s the limit.  Find recipes and pairing ideas right on the website.

Pastoral Gourmet Gifts

Pastoral offers a huge range of gifts for any gourmand in your life, and is offering free shipping through 12/15!  They beautifully package together artisan products, primarily charcuterie, cheese and wine from around the world and around the block.  The health conscious gourmand may appreciate the Chicago Farmers Market ($44.90) with a small, waistline friendly taste of Chicago’s finest artisan producers.  This collection includes fluffy chevre from Champaign, IL, housemade toastettes, spicy Calabrian salami and sweet heirloom tomato relish.  Find gifts for ANY gourmand here.

Receiving a gift box from Pastoral is an event! So exquisite!

The Chicago Farmer’s Market basket

Stu’s Pickles and Bloody Marys

College BFFs Stu Waters and Rudi Schmidt are bringing back the art of food preservation, one pickle at a time.  Their love of  Bloody Mary’s inspired them to go into business to create the best mixes and condiments for their breakfast cocktail.  Your health conscious gourmand would be happy to know that Stu’s uses only field-fresh cucumbers from Midwest farms, natural ingredients and spices.  They also support local farmers who are committed to ethical farming and preserving our precious natural resources.  In addition to their crunchy pickles and bloody mary elixir (to make your own bloody with fresh tomato juice, and low sodium if you wish) a really creative gift is the Bloody Mary Mixology Kit ($40) complete with their famous bloody mary concentrate, ghost pepper hot sauce, key lime rimmer and sweet corn rimmer.

This is a hangover cure in a box!

Do you want your bloody spicy? Tart? Sweet? You decide!

Check out all the guilt free products from Stu’s Kitchen here.

Creminelli Fine Meats

The meat eating health conscious gourmand in your life may very well be concerned with humanely raised animals.  Creminelli Fine Meats out of Salt Lake City prides themselves on providing traditional Italian meat specialties, many of which are available only on a regional basis in Italy. Creminelli uses only natural and organic ingredients, and heritage meats from animals raised humanely, without antibiotics, on vegetarian feed.  They offer a variety of non-GMO hams, handcrafted salamis, and artisan deli meats. Seasonal offerings include the White Truffle Salame and Whiskey Salame.  So tasty and so fresh!

Salami is perfect for a holiday party!

Happy Holidays everyone, and have fun giving to your favorite gourmand friends and family members!